Why should school start later essay

Why should school start later essay

Schools have long been starting at ungodly hours, with the average starting time being around 8am. While this may work for some students, for many others it can disrupt their body clock and lead to insomnia, tiredness, and other health issues. Thats why many people are advocating that the school start later.

There is plenty of evidence that sleeping less than 8 hours each night is linked to poor physical health, psychological health and social adjustment. Studies have found that when schools start earlier, students suffer from sleep deprivation, which leads to a range of negative consequences such as lower grades, increased risk of depression, higher risk of car accidents, and a higher chance of engaging in risky behaviors.

Starting school later would also give students more time to rest. Many students often have to stay up late to finish their homework or studying for tests. With an earlier start time, students often dont have enough time for proper relaxation before the start of their day, leading to fatigue and lack of focus during the day.

Starting school later would also give students more time to pursue their interests and engage in extracurricular activities which can benefit them both academically and socially. For example, students could have more time to practice their musical instruments or join clubs or sports teams that would help them learn important skills like teamwork and communication.

In conclusion, school should start later in order to provide students with more rest, help them be healthier and more focused, and give them more time to pursue activities that can help them develop academically and socially.