Student Testimonials

Before I came to Hillcrest School, I was always racing around without direction. Hillcrest channeled my energy into my passion, and I was able to accomplish everything I wanted. Thank you Hillcrest For believing in me and caring about my education. I AM A SUCCESS!!


I enrolled at Hillcrest determined to rise above the challenges of a learning difference and truly embrace a positive environment. Hillcrest has given me the opportunity to become a leader among my peers and get involved with those less fortunate.

Senior at Hillcrest School

Hillcrest gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my dreams. From Girls State to Vet Tech, I can say I have achieved my goals. The teachers at Hillcrest School made me want to better myself and the world around me. Thank you Hillcrest for believing in me and setting me up for success.


Hillcrest is the perfect fit for me. I need a program that grows my strengths and doesn’t hold me back because of my dyslexia. My schedule at Hillcrest is flexible enough to allow me to leave campus and attend classes in drafting at the local college. I have a great foundation in the subjects I need to successfully pursue my goals in architecture and drafting.

Junior at Hillcrest School