Betty Noble Starnes founded Hillcrest School in 1993 with eighteen students in grades Kindergarten through ninth.

In August of that year, Hillcrest School was recognized as a 501(c)3 not for profit organization by the United States Department of Treasury and Internal Revenue Service.

The school relocated to 2101 West Wall Street and welcomed 41 students in the second academic year.

The school was first accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, which means that the first graduating class in 2001 earned an accredited high school diploma equipping them for their next step, whether it be college or a profession.

The first class of three seniors graduated from Hillcrest School and earned their high school diploma.

A generous donation of the building at 3510 North “A” Street prompted the move to Hillcrest School’s new educational home with more instructional space for increasing enrollment.

In January, Hillcrest School relocated to the current campus at 2800 North “A” Street and started the Spring semester in a permanent home that is tailor made for an educational environment.

The recent capital addition, completed in November 2016, provides facilities and updates that allow for enhanced educational opportunities within the well-rounded program with a separate high school, gymnasium, new playground, and increased instructional space.

The first competitive basketball and volleyball seasons were completed with support from a spirit team and hundreds of fans cheering on our athletes.

Over 100 students are enrolled in grades Kindergarten through twelfth.

Hillcrest hosted their first Hillcrest Classic Basketball Tournament, beginning an annual tradition for athletes and fans.

Students in grades 3-12 became 1:1 Chromebook equipped, expanding the variety of learning tools and resources for our students and teachers.

Eagle-Q, Midland’s first competitive high school barbeque team, was founded and enjoyed a stellar inaugural season with multiple wins, including Grand Champion.

As Hillcrest, along with the rest of the world, experienced the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic, swift accommodations were implemented through Hillcrest@Home, our 1:1 online curriculum delivery system.

Utilizing mandated protocols, Hillcrest excitedly welcomed ALL students back on day one of the 2020-2021 school year, allowing students a full year of on-campus instruction.


Before I came to Hillcrest School, I was always racing around without direction. Hillcrest channeled my energy into my passion, and I was able to accomplish everything I wanted. Thank you Hillcrest For believing in me and caring about my education. I AM A SUCCESS!!


I just felt hopeless because my son wasn't learning. I was desperate for hope. We came to Hillcrest and the teachers saw his strengths, not just his learning differences, and it gave me that hope. He told me it was the best school in the Universe because the teachers love and care about me. I finally have hope.


It is great to be a student here! The school is so welcoming, it brought me out of my shell, and helped me to do my best. The teachers are dedicated to helping us get things done and I appreciate that. Every piece and part of Hillcrest is like family.