Board of Directors

The Hillcrest Board of Directors consists of individuals who possess a desire to ensure there is a Hillcrest School for future generations. They possess education, business, and volunteer experience that is essential to understanding the needs of Hillcrest School.



Todd Westmoreland, President
Bryan Riggs, Secretary
Michael Blonkvist
Steven Goudeau
Alex Guisinger
Matt Guisinger
Dick Jordan, Ph.D.
Flynn O’Neill
Morghan Roach
Ross Roach
Noble Starnes

Honorary Board of Directors:


Beverly Dooley, Ph.D.
William Fannin, Ph.D.
Bob Hopkins
Melinda & Clark Lea
Judy & Paul Lerwick
Gayla & John Mabee
Jan & Dick McMillan
Greta Rigney
Kimberley & Scott Sheffield
Mac Starnes
Drs. Joe and Carol Utay

Before I came to Hillcrest School, I was always racing around without direction. Hillcrest channeled my energy into my passion, and I was able to accomplish everything I wanted. Thank you Hillcrest For believing in me and caring about my education. I AM A SUCCESS!!


I just felt hopeless because my son wasn't learning. I was desperate for hope. We came to Hillcrest and the teachers saw his strengths, not just his learning differences, and it gave me that hope. He told me it was the best school in the Universe because the teachers love and care about me. I finally have hope.


It is great to be a student here! The school is so welcoming, it brought me out of my shell, and helped me to do my best. The teachers are dedicated to helping us get things done and I appreciate that. Every piece and part of Hillcrest is like family.