Argumentative essay on abortion

Argumentative essay on abortion

An argumentative essay on abortion seeks to present a case for or against the practice of terminating pregnancies, either through medical or surgical means. It is an issue that has been highly debated in both secular and religious circles in recent years, with strong opinions held by both sides.

From a secular standpoint, those who are pro-choice argue that it is the womans right to decide what is best for her body and any decisions about it should be hers and hers alone. They also state that the decision should remain between her and her doctor. On the other hand, those who are pro-life believe that abortion is wrong and should be illegal. They argue that every human life, no matter how young, is precious and should be protected.

At the heart of this debate lies the question of whether or not a fetus can be considered a person. The pro-choice argument states that a fetus is not viable until it is born, and therefore not a person. The pro-life argument states that a fetus is alive from the moment of conception and should therefore be considered a living being with rights and protections.

Both arguments have merit, and no easy answer exists. An argumentative essay on abortion should take into account both sides of the debate and present a logical, well-reasoned argument in favor of one side or the other. The essay should provide evidence to back up the authors opinion, such as scientific research and statistical data. It should also clearly explain why the author believes their side is the way to go in terms of moral and ethical considerations.

The debate over abortion is a complex one that will likely remain heated for some time. An argumentative essay on abortion allows people to express their positions on the subject more clearly and thoroughly than any other type of writing.