Admissions Procedure

Admissions Procedure for Hillcrest School:


1. Contact Hillcrest School by telephone or email to set up an appointment
with the Director of Admissions.

2. Prior to the interview, download the 2022-2023 APPLICATION PACKET, fill it out and submit it along with testing, report cards, school records, and immunization records to Hillcrest School.

3. Interview with the Director of Admissions and tour Hillcrest School.

4. Complete an application form and provide documentation of prospective student’s academic and diagnostic information.

5. Prospective students are invited to do a two day visitation at Hillcrest School during regular school hours so that he or she will become familiar with our program.

6. When parents and faculty mutually determine that Hillcrest School is an appropriate placement, parents will be given a contract to complete, confirming a place for their student at Hillcrest. A deposit must accompany the signed contract in order to hold a place for each child.

7. An enrollment packet containing forms on health and immunization form, school records, diagnostic records, and release of information forms, will be provided for the parents to fill in and return with the signed contract.

8. Full payment for tuition and enrollment must be made before the student’s first school day.

Download 2022-2023 Application Packet