Betty Noble Starnes founded Hillcrest School in 1993 with eighteen students. Since then Hillcrest has grown to an average of eighty students in grades 1-12. In the year 2001, we graduated our first senior class. Since its beginning, Hillcrest School has been completely dependent on tuition and private contributions for its operating funds. As the school grows, continued financial demands will be made on the school’s tuition income. Your tax deductible contributions are always welcomed and appreciated.

The environment and curriculum of Hillcrest is designed for children of normal intelligence who learn differently. Many of these students experience “learning blocks” as well as marked difficulty with attention in the classroom. Frequently these students are mislabeled as slow. Approximately one out of every ten children is considered to be dyslexic and/or Attention Deficit Disordered. When faced with no specialized school, LD students become increasingly frustrated and baffled by the failures. With repeated failures, they experience a loss of self-confidence. Building self-esteem using the multi-sensory teaching strategies available at Hillcrest, enables students to function and progress.